Linear technology

There is movement in here

When reliable and precise movements are required in machine and plant engineering, we offer different linear systems with a wide range of drive variants – without drive, toothed belt drive or spindle drive. These are each adapted to individual customer requirements, whether as ready-made linear axes or multi-axis systems.

Choose your drive

Flexible and reliable

Based on our versatile modular profile system and special linear technology profiles as well as our extensive range of processing machines, we design your linear system according to your needs and requirements. Simply select your desired drive variant according to your application.

Linear systems without drive

Linear systems for manual adjustment or parallel operation.

Linear systems with toothed belt drive

For long travels, high speeds, use for light to medium loads, Omega drive with driven slide for Z axes.

Linear systems with spindle drive

Ideally suited for larger forces and high positioning accuracy.

Multi-axis linear systems

The combination of individual linear axis systems enables the production of complex multi-axis systems according to customer requirements.