Industrial profiles

Application solutions

Their design diversity, the compatibility of the profile systems with each other, the high precision, the close tolerances, the extreme load-bearing capacity even in continuous use and the corrosion resistance make the torsion-resistant aluminum profiles from Paletti an integral part of industrial machinery and automation.

Whether they are used for machine bases, guarding and protection barriers, assembly and workstation systems, conveyor or linear technology, Paletti aluminum profiles are reliable products that our customers can depend on in any situation.

The appropriate aluminum components

In test and quality assurance, Paletti’s robust aluminum profiles are used in a wide variety of applications:

Profile systems

Paletti works exclusively with aluminum profile systems, which are characterized by top quality.

Precision technology

Paletti develops and produces individual precision systems that insure accurate inspection or error-free assembly of parts.

Linear technology

Paletti offers various linear systems that can be easily adapted to your individual requirements.

Conveyor technology

Paletti’s conveyor systems are durable, flexible and always precisely tailored to the customer’s expectations.

Guarding and protection barriers

For more than 25 years, Paletti has been producing safety devices – from fencing systems to automated laser welding enclosures.

Laser Safety Enclosure

The modular structure of Paletti’s aluminum profiles makes it possible to create protective cabins of almost any shape and size.

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