Fits perfectly
  • High static load
  • frictional connections
  • universally applicable
  • Anti-twist device possible
  • Possible without profile machining
  • easy assembly
  • cheap connection

Our connection systems

Central clamp Produktbild
Central clamp
  • for high static loads
  • universally applicable due to different anchor variants
  • frictional connections
  • Positive insertion of panel elements possible
Molded connector Produktbild
Molded connector
  • universally applicable, with integrated anti-twist device
  • cheap connection
  • force-locking and form-fit connection
  • Form stabilization in the groove
Universal clamp Produktbild
Universal clamp
  • for high static loads
  • Universally applicable due to the use of different sliding blocks
  • frictional connection
Quick release Produktbild
Quick release
  • secured against rotation by protruding clamping housing
  • No profile machining required
  • easy assembly
Automatic connector Produktbild
Automatic connector
  • No profile machining required
  • easy assembly
  • Recommendation: use as a pair
Screw connector Produktbild
Screw connector
  • High static and dynamic load capacity
  • force-locking and form-fit connection
  • Anti-rotation by fixing piece when using a screw
Form-fit connector Produktbild
Form-fit connector
  • For stable connections of large profiles with high loads
  • highly static and dynamic loadable
Connecting plates Produktbild
Connecting plates
  • for fastening profiles to mounting or work surfaces
  • For fastening profiles to each other
Stair connector Produktbild
Stair connector
  • for connecting the stair profiles with the stair stringer
  • variable stair slope adjustable due to slotted holes
Potential equalization, ground connection, special connector Produktbild
Potential equalization, ground connection, special connector
  • Creation of an electrically conductive connection between two profiles
  • Breaking through the anodized layer

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