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Connections Produktbild

Different connection techniques for high static or even dynamic loads as a frictional connection or as a positive and non-positive connection depending on the application.

Cover caps Produktbild
Cover caps

For a clean finish. For all profile geometries in black and many also in gray.

Foot, floor and portal plates Produktbild
Foot, floor and portal plates

For a more secure stand. Wide range of different dimensions.

Cable ducts + covers Produktbild
Cable ducts + covers

Supply ducts for a wide variety of media such as sockets, network connections, changeover switches, pneumatic connections or simply as a cable feed-through.

Pneumatic connector Produktbild
Pneumatic connector

Connectors, end blocks, T-connectors 40, cross connectors, end plates

Adjustable feet Produktbild
Adjustable feet

Adjustable feet for continuous height adjustment, for various load classes, in a wide range of dimensions and in different diameters. With and without inclination compensation.

Angle feet Produktbild
Angle feet

For alignment and floor fixing of racks and guards, with and without height adjustment.

Mounting bracket, round corner and gusset plates Produktbild
Mounting bracket, round corner and gusset plates

For a higher variance in the design.

Hinges and joints Produktbild
Hinges and joints

For more movement and variability.

Wheels + Rollers Produktbild
Wheels + Rollers

The right rollers for every application. Whether for transport carts or racks, for smaller or heavy loads, in a wide variety of diameters and tires, as swivel or fixed castors, with or without brakes.

Monitor / screen holder Produktbild
Monitor / screen holder

Monitor holder swivels and can be used flexibly for more ergonomics at the workplace. Can also be used as a swiveling material rail for grab containers.

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